I wonder if you ever used this word, and in what context?

What does it mean, “maintenance”?

Maintenance means when you take your car to the garage, check that is running well, and you are not risking any accidents on the road.

Maintenance is when you are cleaning the house to breathe clean air and sleep in a clean bed.

Maintenance is when you are washing your clothes, and make sure they don’t smell when you’re together with other people. It’s not nice when you’re on your own, either. Taking a shower has the same purpose.

Maintenance is when you go to the doctor for the annual check. Make sure your blood and your body has everything it needs to serve you well.

Maintenance is when you decide to do some sport every day because it makes you feel better and keeps your body in shape.

All the things I mentioned before are normal to talk about and to do.

Now, my question is, what is it that you do for your mental and emotional maintenance?

All the things around you (car, house, things) are worth your time, effort, and money:

–       You wouldn’t think driving your car without having it registered, or EU checked, right?

–       You wouldn’t get out of the house with your clothes dirty or not having taking a shower in the morning, right?

–       If you break a leg, an arm, or your body gets sick, you go to the doctor.

If you are doing all that for your things (car, house, clothes) and your physical body (flesh, bones, and blood), how much trouble, time, effort, and money your Mind and Soul are worth?

What do you do to get those in shape?

When was the last time you’ve seen a therapist?

Have you ever seen and spoke to one at all?

How important is your mental and emotional health to you? 

Do you think the rose in the picture would be so beautiful if nobody would take care of it? I promise you there is a dedicated garnder there who does a lot of maintenance around it.

In case this article had awakened thoughts that may need to be sorted out, please leave a comment, or let me know in confidence and feel free to register for a free session here. A lot can be sorted out in ONE good conversation.

I wish you build resilience!

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