Knowledge VS Wisdom

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There is a lot of information around us when it comes to mental and emotional health. We are swamped with books, articles, TV and internet shows, opinions, and advice. Everything we want to know, we ask our best friend in need: Google.

Or, we ask friends and family and strangers on FB or Instagram. We are surprised to learn that everybody knows better than we do what we should do or not do about our problems.

At the same time, we also know very well what we should do about whatever is bothering us. We wouldn’t ask questions if we weren’t aware of the fact that we have an issue.

In discussions with people and sessions with my clients, I often hear, “Yes, I know that. I’ve been reading a lot on the subject”. Or “Yes, I know, my other therapist told me the same thing”. 

That is very good to know about the subject. At the same time, my question to the people I talk to is, “And what are you doing with what you know?”

How do you apply the information you know in your daily life? How is that theoretical knowledge manifesting in your behavior towards yourself and/or towards others?

This is the difference between Knowledge and Wisdom.

Knowledge is what we know.

Wisdom is what we do with what we know. 

This simple definition applies to all fields. We start from an idea that we picture in our mind, and then we see how we can materialize it and put into practice the knowledge and the theoretical information.

It is the same in coaching/therapy. If you’ve read a lot and you know many things, how do you put to work all that information? Which actions are you taking towards your well-being emotionally and mentally?

In case this article had awakened thoughts that may need to be sorted out, please leave a comment, or let me know in confidence and feel free to register for a free session here. A lot can be sorted out in ONE good conversation.

I wish you build resilience!

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