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One thousand four hundred eighty-eight (1488) vacancies and an unemployment rate of 1,2% in Tromsø today (April 27th 2022) indicate an enormous need for skills. Vacancies you can find here: , or on Heia Norge. Click the link and even if you don’t understand much Norwegian, you can guess the names of the companies advertising there, use google translate, and see what’s in store for you.

NAV Tromsø has a free course on looking for jobs and writing CVs and letters of intent.

The course is intended for people outside EØS, yet it is open to everybody for the moment since there are available spots. The course is in Norwegian, yet NAV will ensure you have an interpreter if you need it. Therefore, it will be an advantage if you apply early to get a spot and an interpreter. 

It is designed to be followed from Monday to Thursday from 12:00 to 15:00, for four weeks, as follows: 

June 6 – June 30. Apply for it here

August 22nd – September 15th – Apply for it here

October 10th November 10th : Apply for it here

This is a rare chance to get this kind of intensive help in your job search process. You will be applying for real jobs, you’ll get the right language in place and you’ll also get interview training. IT’S ALL FOR FREE!

You also need to be in Tromsø so you can follow it. If you can plan ahead, you’ll be here for the fall, and you can join from August.

If you are in the process of getting the job and signing the contract, you find information about what the work contract should include here.

If you have a company that needs to hire, NAV Tromsø has also created a direct number for you so you can get in touch with them and get more information on how you can proceed to include more people in your working life: 407 29 746. It is essential to look around at unemployment and see refugees and others outside working life as an essential resource for business.

You also find good help as a business if you join the Chamber of Comerce and/or NHO Arktis. Speaking Norwegian is an advantage though, in this process.

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