Life in Norway

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10 reasons for joining a Union while in Norway

I work with many people who are immigrants in Norway. Some of them have their issues with their employers, yet, every time I ask if they are members of a Union, I get frightened and confused looks. I understand that in many other countries, being a member of a Union can be too good to […]

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How “old” are you?

“How old are you, really?” is perhaps something you’ve never thought about, yet it is an important part of the Norwegian way of living and thriving. I have recently stumbled into it again, and I thought I should tell you something about it as well. In my experience, the way Norwegian people look at their […]

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How expensive is Norway, really?

When I tell people I live in Norway, I often get this question: How expensive is Norway?  I have been living here for nearly 20 years, yet I do not think it is that expensive. It depends a lot on each person’s priorities. I believe that everybody can get everything they need when it comes […]