Life in Norway

5 areas in Norway where you can work only speaking English

Many foreigners would like to work in Norway, yet they do not speak Norwegian. It is possible, and I know many people who have lived here for many years without even trying to learn the language. Up to 60 years old, Norwegians speak good enough English, and many want to keep practicing it. Therefore, they […]

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the Norwegian Work contract

If you are in the process of getting a job in Norway, there are a few things you should know about the work contract you need to sign. First, you need to have the identity number and a Norwegian bank account. Do not even think of working without having these two in place because you […]

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Tromsø businesses need people!

One thousand four hundred eighty-eight (1488) vacancies and an unemployment rate of 1,2% in Tromsø today (April 27th 2022) indicate an enormous need for skills. Vacancies you can find here: , or on Heia Norge. Click the link and even if you don’t understand much Norwegian, you can guess the names of the companies advertising there, […]

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how to deal with war?

I know it is a strange question. How do we deal with it when we don’t have any personal experience?  I grew up with war stories. My father was born in December ’39, in trenches, and he never knew his father, who went to WWII while my grandmother was pregnant. It is not easy to […]

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How to make Norwegian Friends

This is a question that just popped up in my e-mail. It is not easy to make friends among Norwegians, yet, it is not impossible. Do not let yourself be scared about the icy faces and without expressions. Behind that Ice Wall, they put upfront, you can find volcanos of feelings. All you need to […]

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10 reasons for joining a Union while in Norway

I work with many people who are immigrants in Norway. Some of them have their issues with their employers, yet, every time I ask if they are members of a Union, I get frightened and confused looks. I understand that in many other countries, being a member of a Union can be too good to […]

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How “old” are you?

“How old are you, really?” is perhaps something you’ve never thought about, yet it is an important part of the Norwegian way of living and thriving. I have recently stumbled into it again, and I thought I should tell you something about it as well. In my experience, the way Norwegian people look at their […]

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How expensive is Norway, really?

When I tell people I live in Norway, I often get this question: How expensive is Norway?  I have been living here for nearly 20 years, yet I do not think it is that expensive. It depends a lot on each person’s priorities. I believe that everybody can get everything they need when it comes […]

My week of quarantine in Sandefjord, Norway

Yes! I have been visiting my family in a red zone. Red for Norway, because people ruling this country are cautious and prefer to take extra care measures than risk people’s health. Therefore I have been in quarantine for 9 days.  I arrived in Norway via Torp airport. It was a long queue at Passport […]

The Child King : food for thought

The concept of children as “Kings” and “Queens” is a special one. We do not often come across it, even if it makes sense. Children are our future. The way we take care of them shows how we take care of our future. Therefore, the way we raise our children is important. Norway and Scandinavia […]