Seminars & Workshops

If you have a community, an organization, or a business and you come across cultural misunderstandings, I can help you by holding a speech or course such as:

  • Speeches on subjects dealing with inter-cultural communication.
  • Workshops and seminars – which will help you to identify the common values of your multicultural team. A team with defined values is a productive team.
  • Motivational speeches about how to succeed in a culture that is not your own.

The time lost in understanding the other could be used on something else which is more productive for your company.


Workshops, seminars, and speeches, prices vary accordingly to length, target group, and the number of participants. Contact me to schedule a seminar or workshop.


Rasmus Gjedssø Bertelsen


Professor of Northern Studies, Barents Chair in Politics at UiT Norway Arctic University & Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow at Institute for Security & Development Policy -Sweden (ISDP)

Photo credit: Michael Morreau

Laura Virginia Castor


Professor of Northern Studies, Professor, English Literature and Culture UiT, Norway’s Arctic University


Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv


Professor at Center for Peace Studies, UiT The Arctic University of Tromsø