Speak the UNspoken: exploring the unwritten rules of north norway

All cultures have their written codes, but primarily unwritten ones. It isn’t easy for newcomers, travelers, or immigrants in Norway to see them at first sight. We need time, perseverance, interest, and willingness to understand them. Also, a good knowledge of the Norwegian language is necessary.

The book is about the untold things of Norwegian society and culture. You can find it on Amazon.
Why Northern Norway? Because I have been living in Tromsø, Norway, for almost 20 years.

All this time spent here helps me describe the subtleties and nuances of Norwegian culture. Many Norwegians do not know how to clarify details of life and work because they are natural to them. They were born and grew up with them and never needed to explain them to someone; that’s why it’s hard for them to put words to behaviors and actions that, for them, are implicit. Just as in your own culture, there are many details that you do not know how to describe in words because they are implied, you were born and raised in them, and therefore you do not even think that they could be incomprehensible to those who come from other countries.

Many immigrants come to Norway fascinated by nature and the social system. Behind this social system, the well-being and the lifestyle that can be seen at first glance, there are many years of tradition, planning, and action that cannot be seen and are difficult to understand when they are not explained. This book describes some of the logic behind what you see. It can be helpful to know ahead what to expect.

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The pictures are from my book launch in Trom, in Oslo at Litteraturhuset, and Stavanger at Sølvberget Library. In the meantime, I have also been invited to present the book in Norwegian for Filosofiske Samtaler. Pictures from how it went you find here.


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