Job search course “Norwegian Style”

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Either you are a foreigner, and you want to get a job in Norway, or if you already have a position in Norway, but you wish to have a different and better one, it is good to use this time so you can improve your knowledge and skills when it comes to job search in Norway.

You may already know that Norwegians are looking for different things in people than the rest of the world. And these few other things they are looking for are not publicly advertised because they think everybody knows them. They are natural for them since they are born and raised in this country. Yet, they may not be as natural for you, who come from different countries with different cultures and values.

I have received so many questions from people looking for jobs in Norway that I do not manage to explain in one hour to each person the same thing.

This is why I have decided to make an online course where I explain many details, which I believe people should think about even before they are looking at job adverts and start writing a CV and an application letter.

The course is online, with videos, articles, and practical examples on how it’s a good idea to sell yourself in Norwegian even if you don’t speak Norwegian. Even for jobs that at first sight require Norwegian. 

You will get the following:

  1. Information about how to think before you start looking for a job in Norway
  2. Communication-related elements applied to the job search process
  3. Examples of CV and Application letters
  4. Personal follow-up in one 60 min personal call, where I can answer your CV and application letter questions, which are unique because your situation is unique, and YOU are a person with unique style and skills. 

You will have access to this course for a whole year. That will allow you to listen, watch and read the information. If you think you do not have time for a course, it may be probably because you have not tried yet to listen to materials while walking, driving, sitting in the bus, train, or tram. I am sure you are listening to music. How about listening to information you need more than music. In one year, you will find the job you want, and you will have my support on the way.

Here you find the link to the order form if you find out that you or someone you know needs it. It can be a lovely gift.

Good luck in your job search in Norway!


Em-power-ful Festival

Em-power-ful is a festival created and organized by Mar Pages and Meg Gerard for the Solo Female Traveler Community.

I have the honor of being one of the speakers at this festival. There are two topics I am touching in my talks.

One is about how to deal with anxiety and fear while traveling solo. How to distinguish between types of fear and how to deal with them.

The other one is a panel discussion together with Dr. Nisha Barkathunnisha about how to deal with traditional points of view when it comes to traveling alone as a woman.

If you are curious about them, you’re welcome to purchase your festival pass here, or just click on the picture above.