Parents influence in children – multicultural, Multiracial environments

This talk is about children who move places together with their parents. They move houses, and schools and change colleagues and friends. It is a talk about small immigrants, and about third culture kids, and what parents can do to make them feel safe through the process and through the changes. About children who do […]

Reframe Your Focus: and Claim Your Life Abroad

I was a guest as Trova Expert where I shared my expertise with a webinar titled: ‘Reframe Your Focus: and Claim Your Life Abroad’. The webinar explored why people move to other countries, whether by choice, such as: a new job opportunity, education, or seeking adventure or forced circumstances such as war. The information provided […]

TRUTH @ work

We are all PEOPLE, and some may argue that we are ALL THE SAME. At the same time, the FAMILY, and the CULTURAL CONTEXT we are born and raised in work like a FILTER we see the world through, for the REST OF OUR LIVES. In “Truth @ Work” podcast, led by Christi Scarrow, I […]

The Psychology of moving abroad

Have you ever thought of how does it feel to be an immigrant? Since I am an immigrant myself, I find it natural to speak about this experience in opposition to others. If you are an immigrant, you probably already found out that there are layers of feelings that scatter our bodies in the process of […]

Immigrant families and dealing with invisible baggage

What to do, when in quarantine? Be a guest speaker When we travel to a new country, we travel with more than suitcases. We carry with us thoughts and emotions and skills and behavior, and we hope our lives will change for the better. In this podcast hosted by Nida Jawed, we are talking about […]

For women only!

This talk is for women only, because the community I’ve held this talk for is women travelers only. I speak about “The invisible luggage” we all carry with us, and which is more than the suitcases which follow us around the world. If you want to watch it, you’ll have to join the FB group. […]

Communication: In a Pint!

Communication is difficult. Even between people who speak the same language. Let alone between people who speak different languages. Or the same language, which is the second language for both.  This is why I was asked to explain some theories of communication for Pint of Science Norway. You can watch my talk here. Don’ get […]