Coaching or Therapy

My goal is to help you overcome the struggle with cultural differences.

Adjusting to another culture can be difficult and sometimes challenge the core of your being and the most precious values you have.

Talking to someone who knows how to handle feelings around all this, can help you.

In Norway or in India, you have to be mentally ill, in order to need help. In the USA, Canada, West and South of Europe, it means you get help, no matter the issue, and that you are getting better.

As a therapist, I am sustaining my clients with dialog, and being there for them trough bad or good times. We all have experienced how we can laugh in one moment and be sad or cry in the next moment.

During our private sessions you will get:

  • Confidentiality
  • No need for a recommendation from a family doctor
  • Reasonable price
  • Your employer can pay for it, or your own business (these services are tax-deductible).
  • Languages: English, Norwegian, French, Romanian/Moldavian
  • Online sessions
  • My office in Norway if you are in my town

You have many reasons to choose to live in another country: work, love, war, etc. No matter which one applies to you today, you’re coming out of your comfort zone, and I understand that.

Creating a new life, in a new country, space, language, can be a rough and challenging process. Understanding and functioning in a different language and culture than your own is like functioning in another DNA. Working together with people who have other values than your own can be difficult and miscommunication can occur.

Other issues you’re not fully aware of in your country of origin, can surface while living in another system such as eating disorders, depression, anxiety or bullying. In many countries, these “diseases” are not clinically defined. They are just behavioral problems which people are expected to overcome by themselves, or with the help of family and friends, but we don’t always manage it alone.

Help can come from family and friends, but not always. If your family and friends have their own challenges with their own emotions or are far from you, it may be smart to get help from someone trained to deal with this kind of issue, and that is why I am here for you.

My training as a therapist also makes me bound by confidentiality in case you need that kind of help. After all, you do not need to be mentally ill in order to receive some support for a while and adapt to your new life. Let’s begin!

Do you feel stuck at home, or in other places in the world?

Get a free coaching or therapy session now!

Private sessions 






Individual Therapy – 60 min100.00 1000 + VAT
Couples Therapy – 60 min135.001350 + VAT
Coaching – 60 min100.001000 + VAT

Do you feel stuck at home, or in other places in the world?

Get a free coaching or therapy session now!


“In front of Gabriela, I felt totally free and eager to open my self about my emotions and my hidden experiences. I wasn’t judged since she left her ego aside. I felt supervised by her sharp thoughts, backed up by a lot of knowledge of human nature and behavior. Meeting her was, probably, the most constructive experience of my life.” -Woman, 35, from Romania, lives in Germany (Names are confidential).

“She is present. She listens to you with a concentrated presence. She sees through the words. She dears to ask questions which lead to the essence of what takes form in the therapy room between therapist and client. I feel that I am seen and I am heard.” –Woman, 58, Norway, lives in Norway (Names are confidential).

Do you feel stuck at home, or in other places in the world?

Get a free coaching or therapy session now!